Developing SAP HANA in the Cloud Foundry Environment

Developing SAP HANA in the Cloud Foundry Environment

SAP HANA Cloud Database is a modern and mature database server used by companies for storing and retrieving data as requested by applications. It is a multi-model database that stores data in its memory and not on a disk. The column-oriented in-memory database design allows to run advanced analytics alongside high-speed transactions – in a single system. This allows companies to process massive amounts of data and run advanced analytics with near-zero latency in real-time. It is significantly faster than other database management systems today and also offers data integration capabilities for both structured and unstructured data. 

SAP HANA Database simplifies IT by providing multiple data management capabilities and a single system for all types of data that helps businesses to be digitally powerful and keep innovating as per changing times. 

Cloud Foundry is an environment that allows the curation of polyglot applications and tools. It features the open-source runtime and SAP Business Technology Platform (BTP). There have been various reasons for developing SAP HANA database applications in the Cloud Foundry environment; one of the major reasons being the Cloud Foundry Environment supports multiple runtimes, programming languages, libraries, and services. SAP HANA in Cloud Foundry Environment provides businesses with the advantage of building, testing, deploying, and scaling apps in a faster and easier way by providing a choice of clouds, developer frameworks, a multitude of buildpacks, and app services in a single place. Additionally, SAP HANA is a Cloud Foundry application that doesn’t need SAP ERP as such but can be available just like Google Playstore. One can easily access it. Any app developed on BTP using Cloud Foundry can be used easily and hosted with SAP Playstore.

Post COVID cloud computing has taken great pace as businesses are realizing the importance of cloud storage and its technological benefits in the long run. The Cloud Foundry assists SAP HANA Cloud to help its customers have a digital transformation strategy in place with its multi-cloud strategy.

Benefits of Cloud Computing in SAP

Cloud computing in SAP provides a single place to access, store, and process all enterprise data in real-time. It reduces the complexity of using multi-cloud or hybrid systems. Additionally, it provides many benefits as follows-

1. Innovations at a pace

Businesses move to SAP cloud to improve operations, update business models, and processes, and get new capabilities to drive innovations driving up the speed of operations.

2. Lower costs

SAP HANA cloud has a low cost of ownership either as a stand-alone solution or as an extension to the existing on-premise environment.

3. Automation

One of the best cloud computing benefits is that companies can consolidate legacy applications, consolidate existing and new applications, simplify workflows, and automate processes. Thus, companies can gain new efficiencies.

4. Constant upgrades

Since everything is on cloud, there is no chance of missing out on any software upgrades. The upgrades improve functionalities and help improve the pace of innovation.

5. Data security

Cloud systems have better data backup and disaster recovery. As they are connected and collaborative, there is hardly any scope for vulnerability.

6. Fast implementation

It is much quicker than on-premise deployment as the SaaS supplier handles hardware and software installations and provides dedicated staff for data center management.

7. Scalability

SAP HANA Cloud allows us to expand data storage and add additional computing power for rapid business growth.

SAP HANA Cloud Application services help free up valuable resources and help companies focus on optimizing business outcomes. Cloud computing features like on-demand self-service, resource pooling, easy maintenance, and high security help make businesses highly scalable and digitally sound to leap on the transformation journey.

Freedom to Choose Programming Language

Companies get the freedom to select programming languages of their choice. Opt for any supported development languages and utilize both open-source and SAP-managed buildpacks for your application development needs.

Increased Development Efficiency and Speed

Developing in the SAP BTP Cloud Foundry environment, developers have to spend less time on configuration, deployment, and infrastructure considerations. Developers have the flexibility to create cloud-native solutions tailored to their specific needs. 

Fully Managed Enterprise Grade Runtime

The platform provides a multi-tenant open-source runtime, managed completely by SAP, to host your business-critical applications.

Multi-Cloud and Choice of Infrastructure

Business applications built in the SAP BTP Cloud Foundry environment are portable and can be moved across clouds without being tied to an infrastructure provider.


Developing SAP HANA in the Cloud Foundry Environment offers businesses unparalleled flexibility, speed, and efficiency. With SAP HANA Cloud Public Edition, companies can harness the power of a robust, in-memory database alongside the versatility of the Cloud Foundry platform. This combination empowers businesses to innovate rapidly, scale effortlessly, and maintain secure, high-performance applications.

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