RISE with SAP or GROW with SAP: Which should you choose?

RISE with SAP or GROW with SAP: Which should you choose?

It’s no doubt that SAP stands out with its array of solutions designed to streamline and enhance business operations for enterprise technology,  As an esteemed SAP Gold Partner, Geschäft Formulae excels in providing tailored SAP solutions to meet diverse business needs. This article delves into the specifics of RISE with SAP, GROW with SAP, and SAP S/4HANA, helping you choose the solution that best fits your business’s unique demands.


RISE with SAP is a comprehensive package aimed at large and upper-mid market businesses seeking a holistic approach to digital transformation. This solution encompasses not only software but also service components, all under one contract, simplifying the procurement and implementation processes. (Rise with SAP is a comprehensive cloud package that is subscription based)

When to Choose RISE with SAP:

Comprehensive Transformation:

If your business requires a complete overhaul of systems and processes, especially those focusing on sustainability and integration, RISE with SAP is the go-to partner. It is designed to support extensive transformations that touch various facets of the business.

Enhanced Collaboration:

For companies that depend on intricate networks of partners, suppliers, and customers, RISE with SAP services offer unparalleled connectivity and transparency, making it easier to manage these relationships effectively.

Sustainability Integration:

If incorporating sustainability into your core business operations is a priority, RISE with SAP provides the necessary tools to track, manage, and optimize your environmental and social impact effectively.

Case Scenario: Large Manufacturing Company


A large manufacturing company wants to streamline its global supply chain and improve sustainability practices while upgrading its IT infrastructure.


RISE with SAP provides a robust framework for digital transformation, integrating advanced supply chain management and sustainability tools. The single contract feature simplifies management, making it easier to oversee global operations and achieve compliance with environmental standards.


Tailored more towards small and medium-sized enterprises, GROW with SAP aligns technology with business goals to spur growth. It offers flexibility in its solutions, allowing businesses to choose according to their size, needs, and financial capacity. (SAP’s roadmap is GROW with SAP )

When to Choose GROW with SAP:

Business Expansion:

Ideal for businesses in their growth phase, GROW with SAP offers tools and features that support scalability and innovation. It is particularly beneficial for companies undertaking greenfield projects where new SAP implementations are made from scratch.

Customer and Employee Engagement:

With a focus on enhancing customer relationships and employee satisfaction, choosing GROW with SAP means investing in the long-term health and expansion of your customer base and workforce.

Innovation and Agility:

If your business strategy includes diversifying offerings or venturing into new markets, the agility and support provided by GROW with SAP partner services are invaluable.

Case Scenario:

Rapidly Growing Retailer


A mid-sized retailer is experiencing rapid growth and needs to scale its operations to meet increasing demand while enhancing customer experience.


Opting for the premium edition of GROW with SAP, the retailer utilizes enhanced capabilities in customer relationship management and e-commerce integration. This enables them to manage higher transaction volumes and maintain excellent customer service as they expand.


Selecting the right SAP solutions involves a detailed analysis of your business goals, size, and the specific challenges you face. Whether it’s undergoing a major transformation, expanding into new markets, or enhancing core operations, SAP offers tailored solutions to meet these needs. 

Geschäft Formulae, with its deep industry experience and customer-centric approach, is ideally positioned to guide and support you in choosing the perfect SAP solution for your business. 

Partner with us and ensure not just the implementation of a solution but a strategic transformation that aligns directly with your long-term business objectives.

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