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Enterprises are opting for Greenfield projects – seeing the technological innovations as an opportunity to completely rebuild their ERP landscapes from the ground up. Brownfield projects are also an option: in this approach, the customer leaves its IT landscape intact but adopts the new technology to enrich and enhance it. Greenfield and brownfield projects naturally take longer – sometimes even several years and migrating to SAP S/4HANA is only one part of such a project.

Our S/4HANA team has certified SAP HANA specialists including SAP Mentors. We are SAP’s preferred implementation partner in the S/4HANA space and are fast becoming the leading S/4HANA subject matter expert and S/4HANA delivery partner in the market.


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The edge SAP S/4HANA (SAP Business Suite 4 SAP HANA), has is, not only provides a new product and a next generation of business applications but the simple enterprise software for big data is bound and designs to help you run straightforward, uncomplicated to combat in this age of rapid advances in technology and digital economy.

SAP S/4HANA is being labelled as the next generation business suite. This new suite is conceptualised on our advanced in-memory platform. SAP HANA, offers a personalized user experience with SAP Fiori which is deployable in the cloud or on premise, It is formulated in such a manner that it accommodates and starts to yield the expected outcomes seamlessly.

Think-tanks of enterprises must analyse performance data instantly which will help them make the necessary analysis to meet the set growth targets, analyse the market trends and trends that of competitors. Growth can be achieved by adopting and adapting new technologies that allows to obtain data and information effortlessly. The convenience of S/4HANA system is not cumbersome and simplifies the entire processes of data analysis and analytic.


  • Increased flexibility to scale up to changing business needs.
  • Implementation of best practices with minimal customization efforts.
  • Real-time and Insight Driven decision-making ability.
  • In-memory platform with integrated transactions and analytics.
  • Mobility Apps which doesn’t constrain place of usage.
  • Enhanced visibility across the product and customer life cycle.
  • Synchronized demand and production.
  • Improved Collaboration across the enterprise and value chain.
  • SAP S/4HANA Cloud

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    SAP S/4HANA Cloud, is a sophisticated & intelligent ERP solution available as a conclusive Software-as-a-Service with exacting revolutionized cycles. SAP partners benefit from imperative implementation cycles and numerous options to sell with or though SAP. All Digital Core of SAP best practices amalgamating into S/4HANA Cloud.

  • Enables data-driven decisions with predictive analytics.
  • Amplifies automation, efficiency, and agility through machine learning.
  • Facilitates & accelerates consolidation and integration between headquarters and subsidiaries with 2-tier deployment.
  • Fluidly merges with native integration to other SAP solutions and open interfaces.
  • Analytics

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    Our SAP Business Intelligence Software is a tool for mid-size companies that is appropriate to identify & equate which gives the insight you to understand the customer and market requirements. SAP BI tools are user-friendly which is easily to comprehend and it assists in flexible tools like ad hoc reporting and analysis, dashboards and visualization – add data quality management and integration. Usage of BI in business will be rewarding and will give the business the impetus and the competitive edge.

    Enables the Senior Management to scrutinize & crunch numbers which would help Management to strategize and forecast the plan or at time even change the methodology and paths. SAP S/4 HANA’s dynamic & robustness dashboards empowers the management in making informed decision. Our Analytics teams are proficient with capabilities of SAP HANA’s futuristic technology to accentuate business solutions and operations with dynamic reports. While SAP S/4HANA’s lays emphasis on prevailing foundation which facilitates the growing demand for diverse data, at the same time it also provides real-time, varied & methodised access to information.

    Our Pre-built Dashboards that can be made suitable for you. They are:

    CEO Dashboard
  • Operating Income
  • Operating Expenses
  • Total profit (Gross Profit)
  • Net Profit
  • Total Sales
  • Inventory Days
  • Total Inventory
  • Service levels
  • Project value vs Cost Incurred

  • CFO Dashboard
  • Toal Expenses
  • Operating Profit
  • Cash & Bank balances
  • Loans and Advances
  • Working Capital
  • Cost of Inventory
  • Current Ratio
  • Net Profit to Sales
  • Accounts Payables
  • Accounts Receivables

  • Sales Dashboards
  • Sales Analysis
  • Sales Trend Analysis
  • Sales Plan Vs Actual
  • Sales Returns
  • Open Orders/Backlogs
  • Delivery performance
  • Overdue Deliveries
  • Customer Performance
  • Service levels KPI

  • Manufacturing Dashboards
  • Actual Production by Month
  • Target Vs Actual production
  • Reject Ratio
  • Plant Stock
  • Production Cost
  • Labor Cost
  • Energy Cost
  • Inventory Turns
  • Manufacturing Process
  • SAP Fiori

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    SAP Fiori’s easy to learn and comprehend sets it apart. Irrespective of the complexity of your design or the business process, Fiori breaks down the complexity into easy to assimilate which helps mitigate mental blocks of not understanding technology. Due to its ingenuousness of Fiori, the usability is increased multi-fold as all employees have the ability to understand and use it.

    The complexity and tediousness of SAP had many customers and users weary and never fitted into their agenda of using this technology. But, Fiori breaks those barricades. In the past people who shied away from using the technology due to SAP’s difficulty and challenges in understanding, now have an App which is simple to understand and can be used by all.

    Fiori apps replace traditional SAP user interface with a reliable, precise, and easy-to-learn interface. The ease of the App is unparalleled. If one understand how to use a computer and is able to browse can most certainly be able to use this App, thereby introduction of Mobility to your SAP ecosystem with SAP Fiori is the easiest way to promote your organization’s aptitude and competence.

    Numerous Fiori apps are available and many more are being presented into the market every day. Hence choosing an App that is precise, relevant, understands customer’s requirement and capability is pivotal. The App should have the suppleness, and liberty to be able to configure to any system, thus ensuring appropriate security, and integrating them to the SAP back end does not hinder work or business. Further if your business does not have an existing app that is in use currently, a customized app can be created. Fingent’s extensive experience of creating mobile applications and our command of SAP will give the edge and assure that the entire Fiori rollout produces is advantageous and profitable and is not cumbersome.

    Digital Core

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    Following the trend toward digitalization requires a paradigm shift in data processing. SAP S/4HANA as a digital core can help companies in the cloud and on premise.

    Finance Management and Costing modules:
    This module caters to the requirements of real time data entry and reflection into General ledger, Customer, Vendor Accounts & Asset Accounting. Sub-Divisions of purchase, project and budgeting are integral part of this module.. Thus financial data which is available for analysis can be captured instantaneously and with precision. System is also capable of having workflows for posting at various stages by many users. This is helpful in delegating responsibilities by department HOD’s.
    The prerequisites of Budgeting, allocations and tracking are handled at a primary level by this module. This will also provide the users with the familiarity of Information like the total budget, allocation of budget and its utilities.
    SAP can also handle multiple currencies with compliance to the prevailing legal and taxations laws. SAP CO module can also be used for budgeting, costing and variations. The costs can be tracked by WBS at the initial stage. Integration of SAP Finance module with Project systems, Sales & Materials module authenticates with accurate invoicing.

    Materials Management:
    In today’s digital and technology world we live in, organizations expectancy from partners’ being lofty, harmonious integration is pivotal to their existing systems. Fundamental elements such as Integration Requisition, Procurement, Inventory, and Contract being the fulcrum of Implementation. This would ensure that all the financial value would automatically flow to the corresponding entities.
    Purchase Requisition will be raised by each of the department’s that need the said. These PR’s in turn are converted into enquiries and sent to existing or new vendors.
    Dynamism of using a SAP system and scope being enormous, this ERP allows complexity of evaluation and finalization. Procurement for the materials raised could be for either packaged, tagged equipment, bulk equipment or for service contracts. The accuracy of the module ensures the end customer is hassle free as it takes care of inventory and generates issues and receipts. The system’s user-friendliness and accuracy enables the user to conduct various audits, dashboards etc., and be tracked for all future references.

    Some of the Highlights are

      Hastens the Procurement process with control through inbuilt approval workflows.
      Manages materials (products and/or services) resources of an organization with the aim of accelerating productivity, reducing costs and increasing improvement and being versatile at the same time to accommodate changes as and when required.
      Procurement Process, Master Data (Material & Vendor Master), Account Determination & Valuation of Material, Inventory Management, Invoice Verification, Material Requirement Planning etc., form an integral part of the module.
    Sales and Distribution:
    Sales & Distribution (SD) as a module highly integrated with all under its umbrella which could make SD a complex module. Thus in our endeavour to simplify processes for our customers, we outline the details of a regular sales process and demonstrate how the activities integrated.

    The main areas covered by this module and the sub modules are:

  • Pre-sales activities, including designing of Inquiry and creation of Quotation.
  • Sales Order processing, including Sales Order (SO) creation.
  • Shipping, comprising of Outbound Delivery document creation.
  • Billing, including generating invoices and bills.

  • Project System:
    Project System is one of the fundamental modules of SAP, which performs the tasks of project and portfolio management. The entire project life cycle encompassing from the initiation stage of structuring to planning, execution and till the stage of project completion. Project system is intently woven with other SAP modules like Logistics, Material Management, Sales and Distribution, Plant Maintenance, and Production planning. It enables organizations to administer and carry out all SAP projects-large and small-scale projects efficiently. Timely execution of the project within the stipulated budged, and to allocate the resources for the project according the skillsets required is the onus of the Project Manager

    Following are the key steps involved in Project Process flow:

  • Create Project Templates.
  • Work Breakdown Structure .
  • Create Project.
  • Project Planning.
  • Budgeting and Release.
  • Project Implementation.
  • Project Completion.

  • Production Planning:
    Aligning the requirement of the market, i.e. demand vis a vis the actual manufacturing capacity to create or manufacture is the stage of Production Planning. This module inspects various stages of procuring the raw material to the final stage of finished product and assesses the sequence of conversion of raw materials to semi-finished goods and costs – planned versus the actual cost. Production Planning module is fully integrated with the other SAP modules: SD, MM, QM, FICO & PM.

    Following are the key steps involved in Project Process flow:

  • Masters in SAP PP – Material Master, Bill Of Material, Work Center, Routing, Production Versions.
  • Demand Management, Material Requirement Planning, Capacity Planning.
  • Production Orders, Production Order Confirmation, Production Order Close, Good Receipt.
  • Leonardo

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    SAP Leonardo is a combination of intelligent technologies, services, and industry expertise that can help you optimise your processes and resourceand ignite innovation in any area of your business. Drive innovation with your data

    Data is changing the way we live and work. See how SAP Leonardo lets you analyse your data in an instant, so you can automatically act on insights, rapidly address business challenges, and create new opportunities.

    Leverage intelligent technologies
    Use a mix of intelligent technologies – like machine learning, the Internet of Things (IoT), and blockchain – on an open cloud platform. Transform processes and business models to deliver the outcomes you need.

  • Increase equipment effectiveness of machinery and avoid manual maintenance and control work.
  • Visualize health status of machines in one central control center that allows for prescriptive action and optimization of logistics and production.
  • Offer a platform that enables companies to easily and securely integrate cloud application.
  • Sophisticated IoT data processing options, either at the edge or in the cloud.
  • Enterprise-grade lifecycle management for IoT devices, from onboarding to decommissioning.
  • Rich IoT protocol support to securely connect with physical things, devices, and machines.
  • User-friendly applications, including mobile apps and the responsive SAP Fiori user experience.
  • Enables Geschäft Formulae and its customers to start small on their business transformation journey and scale out their IoT scenarios over time on the same platform.
  • Innovates with the Internet of Things, artificial intelligence, and machine learning.
  • Provides real-time data and live-streaming analytics based on connected sensor and device data.
  • Facilitates easier onboarding and management of millions of IoT devices and gateways.
  • C/4HANA

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    SAP C/4HANA product suite weaves together SAP’s entire product portfolio, focusing on customer’s needs which comprises of customer-centric processes of marketing, sales and customer service. The system blends the external solutions SAP Hybris, Gigya and CallidusCloud with SAP’s own products to form a customer-centric end-to-end cloud solution. The system is futuristic in approach thereby giving the necessary consequences and outcomes encompassing all solution components that will have a single interface and access a single dataset.

    SAP Service Cloud

  • Comprehensive Self Services.
  • Customer Service from any location.
  • Services Process and Operations.
  • Automated AI Customer Service & Ticketing.
  • Expedited, Scalable issue Resolution.
  • SAP Sales Cloud

  • Sales Force Automation.
  • Sales Performance Management.
  • Retail Execution.
  • Configure Price and Quote.
  • Subscription Billing .
  • Sales Enablement and Learning.
  • SAP Commerce Cloud

  • Supports B2C, B2B and B2B2C.
  • Product Content & Order Management.
  • Pre-Built integrations to other SAP systems.
  • Flexibility for Innovations.
  • Industry Accelerators.
  • Commerce for small and mid sizes enterprises.
  • SAP Marketizing Cloud

  • Consumer and Consumer Profiling.
  • Segments, Campaigns and Customer journeys.
  • Lead Management & Supporting.
  • Marketing Planning, Performance and Analytics.